Our History

It all begun in June,2000 when Pastor  Andy  Jumah ,a young university graduate from the University of  Science and Technology(now Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology) was sent by the Presiding Bishop (Bishop Dag Heward  Mills ) to the Kingdom of Swaziland to begin one of the early African missions of LCI.
He was based in Kwaluseni, a suburb just outside Manzini where his uncle was working as a teacher in one of the High Schools.
He found a classroom in the then Mzimnene Tuturial Academy (now First International Investment) in Manzini where he decided to start his work.
The church started with a few people and after 2 months relocated to the CBD of Manzini. We rented a classroom on the Enterprise Building belonging to Worker College. This was in August. It was whilst there, that attendance picked up from an average of 7 to 32 on a Sunday.
We received ministerial visits from Rev Emmanuel Klufio who was then the Resident Pastor  and head of the South African churches .All his visits strengthened the church and also were opportunities for shepherorial training.
In the year 2001, we had overgrown the Workers College classroom so we sought for  a classroom from Alpha Business College which was owned by a Ugandan  national called Mr Mukasa.He agreed to house the church in his biggest classroom   at no  fee.
It was whilst the church was  in this premises that Bro.Joseph Aryee ,an old campus friend of Ps.Andy came to Swaziland .He arrived in February ,2002 upon the request  of Ps  Andy to come and  assist with the  young  church. His expertise in music and great anointing in Worship and Praise brought tremendous life to the church. (Later in 2006, he was appointed a pastor )

In April 2002, Ps Andy travelled to Ghana to wed his beloved .The couple Ps and Mrs Jumah came together to the mission field after their honeymoon in Ghana. In September ,that year we  were honoured to have  the Presiding Bishop visiting our church .A 2 –day powerful convention was organized at the Greater Alpha Restaurant Conference  Hall.Among  his entourage were Rev Emmanuel Klufio(RSA),Rev OB Commey(then of Greenford,UK),Rev Prince Addae(Ghana)Rev Oko Bortei Doku(Ghana)
Later  that same year, we located an empty shop at Hillview, opposite the Grand Valley flats just outside the city centre ,but still in the Manzini Central Area..We gladly converted it to a wonderful  place of worship .Soon attendance shot over 120 with a lot of cars parking in front of the church by the road side.  This attracted the Manzini City Council authorities .They served the church with an order to end its operations in the shop because it was not meant for that purpose. Suddenly we were left with no place of worship .But before our unexpected eviction; Lady Pastors Mina John and BDR Lindsay all from the USA were sent by the Bishop to visit us.

We temporarily ‘perched’ at Greater Alpha Restaurant conference room for services from 8-10am .This was because the same venue served as a church for the owner of the restaurant who was a pastor as well. However, it was whilst we were there that Prophet Kakra Baiden made his maiden visit to our church.He preached in three meetings and flew out to South Africa to continue his work there.
When our stay at Greater Alpha expired Ps Andy approached Bishop John Nash  Shongwe (Pastor  and Bishop of Divine Healing Ministries in Manzini) to discuss the issue of getting a place of worship. He graciously led Ps Andy to see the principal of Manzini Central High School who upon the plea and request of the Bishop agreed to offer us his school hall. It was the largest hall in Manzini city and popularly called Prince Mfanyana Hall.

We stayed in Mfanyana Hall for almost 6years.
It was during our stay at Mfanyana Hall that we located a piece of land about 3000sq m at Trelawney park, near King Sobhuza Clinic.
The selling price was E180,000(about$45,000 then).With the help of our Switzerland church ,the land was purchase in 2004.
The following year ,drawings and permits were sought and construction of the Manzini Church Building begun in July 2006 with Sam Sawyerr as the consultant Architect  and Musa Nxumalo as the consultant Engineer.
LCI begun to spread out by opening branches within the country.

Our first branch was opened in Mbabane in 2004.It was pioneered by Bro. Nana Yaw Amankwatiah. Their first meeting was held at the Mbabane IPS school,. Some members of the Manzini church were sent at various times to go and assist with the new branch .Amongst them were Prosper Ladzagla ,Thembisile Zikalala, and  Sinidisiwe Malindzisa.Lungile Nxumalo,who had just returned from a  Lay ministry training  in Ghana.
In 2005, LCI Siteki was started with Lungile Nxumalo as its Lay Minister. They had their first service at the Siteki Hotel Conference Room .
In 2006 , LCI Kwaluseni begun with Prosper Ladzagla ,one of the foundinng members of the church as its Lay minister. It had its first meeting at the Kwaluseni Central Primary School.
In2009, the mission established 3more branches.These were Mahlabatsini,Moneni and Corporation. Mahlabatsini was pioneered by Senzo Mbhamali andstarted meeting at the then St.James School .Moneni was pioneered by Ps Harry Darteh and meets at the Peacefield International Primary School. Corporation branch was started by Gugu Mkhonta and had its first meet at Mqolo Primary School.
In 2010,three more churches were planted .Roadspark (an octopus church),Malindz a and LCI Nhlangano .Lm Gugu had relocated to Nhlangano hence she begun that branch. It started meeting at the home of the Agyemangs but later moved to Nhlangano Central High School. Malindza was started by Lm Princess Sukati and meets and the Malindza High School.

In 2008,The Mission sent   Bro Wandile Msibi to Ghana to study at the Anagkazo Bible and Ministry Training Centre for pastoral training. The following year,two more young men were sent to the Bible School to join him .They were Nhlanganiso Mkhatshwa (from Manzini) and Sibusiso  Ndzinisa(from Kwaluseni).And more are still being prepared to go and be trained.

The Swaziland Country Mission was first represented by Gugu Mkhonta (who later became a Lay minister) in Ghana for homecoming.And each year  local Swazi delegates travel to Ghana to represent the mission  and to join other LCI family members from all over the world at the Homecoming Conventions.

In Novemeber, 2007, Pastor Andy Jumah was ordained as a Reverend minister in Accra.

Ps Harry  Darteh
In 2006,Ps Harry Darteh, was sent from Tanzania to come and assist  with the mission.He arrived in November, and his family followed him the following month.
He became the main person assisting Rev Andy in Manzini .Later in 2009 he went out to plant a branch in Moneni,a township at  the outskirt of Manzini.

In 2010, Bro Benjamin Quarcoo(Aka Copson),left The Qodesh to come to Swaziland as a helper of the missions.
The following year 2 new pastors from ABMTC were accepted to come to the Swaziland Mission to do their housemanship. They are Ps Oscar Gagodo and Raphael Ahevi.

Own Building
In July, 2009,the basement of the building facility was completed .We moved out of Mfanayana Hall and had our first service in our new building on the 5th July,2009.
Later , in October , a special service to officially opening the basement was held and Rev Jake Godwyll ,the General Superintendent  of the SADC region came to minister powerfully.

Loyalty Conference 
In  March ,2010 we were privileged to have the Presiding Bishop sending Bishop Eddy Addy to come to Manzini to conduct  Loyalty Conference .He stayed for 5 days .These were awesome days of supernatural experiences and impartations  at the camp. 
And the story goes on……



About LCI Swaziland


It is our vision to raise people that are passionate about reaching the lost for Christ, discipling them to attain to maturity and then releasing them into their own fullness of potential and callings.